How can I receive orders from manufacturers?

Once you fulfill the partnership terms on your side, you will be granted access to incoming applications from the manufacturers. New applications are received regularly and distributed on a first come first served basis.

How will I receive payment for my services?

We do not provide payment services between counterparts, yet. Therefore, you will have to build your legal and financial relations yourself. We only help you with the infrastructure of our platform and with making new contacts.

Can I work as an individual?

You can work as an individual, but you still have to create a Company account. For example, choosing the organizational-legal form of the individual entrepreneur. Usually, our individual partners find it simpler to register as a company because it is more comfortable for manufacturers to work with a company.

On what terms can I become a Partner?

You only need to comply with these 4 conditions:
1. You must create a Company account on BIMZIP.COM and register on the platform as a BIM master
2. You need to create your portfolio and pass the prequalification of the quality of the BIM content you create
3. You need to bring on board at least 3 Manufacturers. For that, they will need to create Company Account on BIMZIP.COM and publish at least 10 of their products.
4. An important condition is that the backlinks to BIMZIP.COM are present on your information resources (corporate websites and (or) social networks)